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I've been working at Asda Walmart for just over three years now... its been the usual stock on shelves, occasional moment on checkouts (except for when they don't let you off for over 2 hours!) - Aside from doing 6 months in pharmacy learning medication, its been pretty dull.

This week... too much excitement for me!

Sunday - I had another colleague in helping me from 11-2 (she was there before 11, but I can't start that early on Sundays) I went up for my break late so around 2 ish, came back down about 10 minutes past 2 and went back to work on baby food - A woman comes over and asks if she can have 2 of the tins of Cerelac baby milk off my trolly. I obviously let her take them, even open the pack for her while she explains that she brought one the day before, but it wasn't very dry. Then she tells me that she accidentally brought jars of food that had ham in them and they don't eat pork so she has to exchange them. I hear a bag rustle and turn around to see her drop both tins of milk into the carrier bag she's carrying. She picks up 4 jars of baby food and heads for customer serves - I followed! She stopped in the line for customer serves and I zipped around her without her seeing me and told the security guard that she has the tins in her bag that aren't paid for and 4 jars of food in her hand (which she then drops in her bag).

I return to work, thinking job done, the security guy goes to stand by customer services and the next thing I know there's a call out for me to go back to customer services. So I do, he asks me to point out what it is I saw her put in her bag, so I point to the tins, she starts screaming at me that I don't know how to do my job, shouts at the security guard for embarrassing her and wasting her time, saying she left her kids in the car. She had tried to exchange the tins for something else... Police arrive and I have a chat with one of the police offices and then return to work. About 10 minutes before I leave, I'm told she got away with it on some story - but for me, that's an insult, she shouldn't have put them in a bag, if she couldn't carry them, she should get a basket - there's plenty in the shop...

Thankfully Monday is uneventful, then today, me and one other colleague again, we're both about to finish at the same time, 3.30 we're heading for the warehouse to empty the rubbish bins we have - just as we get the warehouse doors a customer stops up, points to a guy in his early 20's with a backpack and says "That guys has food in his bag, said he was hungry - he did have more but we made him put it back, but he wouldn't empty his bag." So off we go, I follow the guy towards customer services and he just passes in front of it before I get there, I manage to point to him and tell the girl at the desk he has stuff unpaid for in his bag (the idiot has stopped for a look at fireworks). Girl at the counter picks up the phone dials security, they're engaged so she puts a call out and turns just as the thief is heading out the door. Call out done, she shouts down to a manager who's standing at the security post that the guy with the backpack has stolen and out the manager goes after her. They got him with 2 sweetcorn and chicken pasta pots. His only excuse "I'm hungry". Seriously, you just ruined your life, took away any hope of getting a job just for a couple of pasta pots! There are people living on the streets who don't steal, he had good shoes, a coat, hat and backpack that were all in good condition.

Isn't Christmas wonderful!

Tis the season to catch stealer tralalalalalalalala!
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This is in my head now, so if you're kids end up as parking attendance, warn them about me!

... and the people who leave their cars where I go!

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